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    • this includes, but isnt limited to sex, politics, religion or drugs.
Hey Traders!
Along with our recent Enchantment update, Talismans were also added to enhance your playing experience!
Talismans effects can be used constantly as long as they're in your inventory. whether that be in your hand, offhand, head, or hotbar, they're sure to work. so no need to worry about keeping hold of them singularly like a totem!

Every Talisman you can craft along with their recipes will be listed here.

Some Talismans can even be upgraded for better effects!
To upgrade, you will need 8 of one Talisman in this pattern.

Alchemy Talisman
Chance to double the strength of applied potion effects


Archery Talisman
Deal more of damage with bows


Attack Speed Talisman
Attack faster...
Hey Traders!
Here i've compiled a list of all the enchantments available to you in our survival server!

Unfortunately, if you were a part of the beta release, you may have some of our old enchantments.
These enchantments no longer work, as they were conflicting with our AntiCheat and falsely banning and kicking players. due to this we have resorted to a different enchantment system, meaning all of your prior custom enchants are null and void and will not work.
we sincerely apologise for this, and thank you for your support in the beta trials allowing us to fix this issue.

We hope you enjoy the new enchantments, and if you have any questions about this change, please feel free to ask any member of staff!

Tip: To instantly search for the enchantment you're curious about, [ Ctrl+F ] and type in the enchantment.

Vanilla Enchantments

Reduces Most...
Hello Traders!
Firstly, what you've been waiting to know,
Our staff have been working hard to prepare the server for beta-release, and finally, SpiceTrade is ready for open beta on October 15th! 🎉

The game modes included in our release are as followed:
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Skyblock
  • Prisons
  • Minigames - EggWars / SkyWars / KitPvP

One of the very first gamemodes we started developing, This gamemode has been around for about 3 years now, The world is mostly the same as the SpiceTrade (Original) server hosted and managed by Merlyn for over 1 year. To get to know more about this server, You can join it using the NPC in the lobby or the server selector! Some key features include but are not limited to:
  • Clans
  • Lands / Claims
  • Voting Rewards
  • RandomTP
  • General Shop
The second gamemode we have developed, This gamemode is an almost direct...
Hey Traders!
SpiceTrade has been going through some updates, welcoming the new game mode MINIGAMES for you to enjoy!

We'll be introducing 3 new games to play on the server ( with many more to come! ) here's what to expect!


basically, protect your egg. destroy the other teams' egg.
however ( obviously ) it's not as simple as that.

Different maps have different generator rules. this means that depending on the map you choose, it can be a lot more difficult to protect your egg. some gold generators will be broken and force you to fight in the middle to get the necessary ingots to fix it. or, if you choose, peacefully share like a good samaritan. (won't really get you too far in winning though.. )

each map also has a difference in PVP priority. figure out what map works best for you! we have plenty to explore ( 18 slots total, 9 currently filled! )

Hello Traders!
As the long wait for SMP is finally coming to closure, we have another announcement to bring to you all!
SpiceTrade Staff have been working vigorously to bring you all an update on what's going to happen for the future of SpiceTrade. In this thread, I will be discussing what we've added so far!

To begin, we've added a new gamemode! We have decided to add Creative for the time being, in replacement of Prisons. With this being said, Prisons will still be a "in the near future" gamemode, but we have decided to add this one as well. This brings us to 3 separate gamemodes that are open: Survival, Skyblock, and now Creative as well.

To share some things we have added, here's a list:
  • New Creative Plots Gamemode (Woohoo!)
  • Custom Creative Spawn
  • NPCs with Creative Commands
    • Plot Auto
    • Plot Home
  • Customizable Plots (81 x 81)
  • Worldedit Access for Donors
  • Leaderboards
    • Play-Time
    • Top Player Votes (Coming soon!)
Dear Traders!
As you might know already, our staff have been diligently working on the SMP Overhaul, In this thread I'm going to discuss some things that are Added, Changed or Removed, I will also share a small roadmap on features you can expect after the release of the SMP 2.0

First of all, In order to make it easier for new players, SMP will be renamed to Survival, For compatibility reasons, all commands containing 'SMP' will still function!

Here are some of the additions to the great overhaul:
  • SMP -> Survival Rename
  • New Lobby
  • NPC's In lobby with various functions like:
    • GambleBar
    • Quests
    • Information
    • Auction
    • Warps
    • Shop
  • Crates & Crate keys
  • Claims
  • Clans
  • Nations
  • Live-Map
  • Pregenerated Custom World
  • Command Overhaul, Gui-dized most commands
  • Shop & New economy
  • Taxes
  • PvP Arena
  • Wars
  • and a lot more exciting (and secret :0) features!
To clear up some confusion about the most controversial points in...
Arcadian News Week 1
(Reposted from the Enjin, originally posted by Blockyfied on November 28, 2020)


Staff Updates

iiSimp -> Builder

Arrows20 -> Trial

pjnacht -> Trial

xMagy -> Builder

Punishment Updates

BigFan, Discord Muted

Stonerclownoe, Discord and Server Perm Banned

Isxxc, Discord Muted



Baltop - Server Total: 251,445,962

1. pjnacht - 147,488,235

2. ItzMarshyy - 39,386,554

3. Penguins__Rules - 22,286,554

4. iiSimp - 16,718,460

5. xMagy - 11,396,258

Island Top - (Measured in island level not island worth)

1. Simps - 1,012,852

2. Management - 234,851

3. xMagy - 204, 275

4. Blockyfied - 125,044

5. Stonerclownoe - 5,171

Hours Played

1. Merlyn2003 - 91

2. iiSimp - 88

3. ItzMarshyy - 64

4. FqdedStqr - 30

5. Penguins__Rules – 26

Mob Kills

1. ItzMarshyy - 10,587

2. iiSimp - 9,262

3. pjnacht - 8,161

4. Blockyfied - 2,588

Our rules exist to help you and others safely enjoy their time here.
*Please do not attempt to exploit them.*

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^- respect members privacy. everyone has a life outside of this server. do not harass or torment anyone in the server including VC, or in dms. if we receive any information about this you will be either warned/kicked/banned.

-Do not start or participate in any political/controversial/NSFW conversations. you will be warned and the conversation can be changed...
Our rules exist to help you and others safely enjoy their time here.
Please do not attempt to exploit them.

General Rules

{This is a Minecraft server forum, please be sure to remember that.}
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^- We want to keep everyone safe.


All content is to be posted in the correct forum section.
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^- this also...