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Announcements MiniGames

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Hey Traders!
SpiceTrade has been going through some updates, welcoming the new game mode MINIGAMES for you to enjoy!

We'll be introducing 3 new games to play on the server ( with many more to come! ) here's what to expect!


basically, protect your egg. destroy the other teams' egg.
however ( obviously ) it's not as simple as that.

Different maps have different generator rules. this means that depending on the map you choose, it can be a lot more difficult to protect your egg. some gold generators will be broken and force you to fight in the middle to get the necessary ingots to fix it. or, if you choose, peacefully share like a good samaritan. (won't really get you too far in winning though.. )

each map also has a difference in PVP priority. figure out what map works best for you! we have plenty to explore ( 18 slots total, 9 currently filled! )

Our friendly SpiceTrade Villagers are stationed on your islands waiting to trade their items for yours! don't make them wait long!
its probably tiring standing there all day..

we also have SpiceTrade Exclusive Generator designs ( made by yours truly ) so enjoy those:

Thanks, Michael! wise words.


Skywars, similarly but not similarly to egg wars is a PvP map... except you're not fighting to protect a precious delicate egg. you monster...
There are plenty of fun maps to play with or even against friends, all floating on a very friendly void.
( disclaimer: friendly void will unfortunately not save you if you fall.)

our SkyWars offers a voting system so you can choose what you want to play! We are a democracy after all.

1631757431981.png Different Chest items going from Basic, Normal to INSANE!

1631757778823.png Different events that will occur throughout that can be in your favour or... out of it.

1631757999252.pngHealth! choose to be healthier than normal with a maximum of 30 hearts!

1631758173081.pngchange the time! pretty useless in terms of gameplay but hey, if you're into aesthetics, go for it!

Unleash your bloodthirst solo or in a team and come out on top!
m̷̠̯̳̅u̴̟̱͙͋r̴̨͕̩̆̇̄d̸͉̻̀̎͑ẹ̷͉̱̍̅r̵̺̃ ̴̲̪͉̉͝t̶̗̻̿̐͑ẖ̷̑͝e̶̺̽̈́m̶̛̖̠͋ ̶̧̛̻͝a̵̘̼̓͜l̷͙̩̄͠l̷͙̪̇̅̚
or dont. your choice. you just.. probably won't win the game that way.


Hey, more PvP! bet you didn't expect that, huh? I like keeping you on your toes.
as the name suggests, you can select different categories of pre-set kits, which all come with their own unique playstyle
With these kits, you can fight other players, and gradually unlock better items!

To unlock different kits, you can either buy them in our in-game store with the coins earned by ruthlessly killing the players standing in your way.. Or you can buy kit selectors, which unlock random kits with a very nice animation. that should be worth something, right?

We also have a way to view your statistics, for you know, flexing on your friends that you killed a staff member or to see how many times you've destroyed your friends. and sending them it. continuously. without end. they'll never forget their losses.

With all those in mind, have fun on our Minigames server! we have worked hard to make it as enjoyable as possible for you.
and don't forget, these may be the only games now, but expect more in the future!
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