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Announcements Creative Plots: What's been added

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Hello Traders!
As the long wait for SMP is finally coming to closure, we have another announcement to bring to you all!
SpiceTrade Staff have been working vigorously to bring you all an update on what's going to happen for the future of SpiceTrade. In this thread, I will be discussing what we've added so far!

To begin, we've added a new gamemode! We have decided to add Creative for the time being, in replacement of Prisons. With this being said, Prisons will still be a "in the near future" gamemode, but we have decided to add this one as well. This brings us to 3 separate gamemodes that are open: Survival, Skyblock, and now Creative as well.

To share some things we have added, here's a list:
  • New Creative Plots Gamemode (Woohoo!)
  • Custom Creative Spawn
  • NPCs with Creative Commands
    • Plot Auto
    • Plot Home
  • Customizable Plots (81 x 81)
  • Worldedit Access for Donors
  • Leaderboards
    • Play-Time
    • Top Player Votes (Coming soon!)
  • Customized Rule and Information Boards
  • And much more!
As SMP generation is in the makings, we hope you can find some fun inside our new gamemode! We will continue the updates within our other gamemodes, so do keep an eye out for those as well! Thank you for your patience and support while we have been working.

That was all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the discord or the forums. Thank you all for supporting us in our works!

Kind Regards,
Management SpiceTrade
Not open for further replies.