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Important Discord Rules:

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Our rules exist to help you and others safely enjoy their time here.
*Please do not attempt to exploit them.*

{Discords Guidelines and ToS}
> Discord Guidelines:
> Discord Terms of Service:

-There is no tolerance for any explicit, or malicious behaviour/intent or language, including but not limited to, threats or harassment.
-please be respectful to others in the server, including their opinions and preferences. do not attempt to forcefully change someone elses viewpoint to match your own.
^- respect members privacy. everyone has a life outside of this server. do not harass or torment anyone in the server including VC, or in dms. if we receive any information about this you will be either warned/kicked/banned.

-Do not start or participate in any political/controversial/NSFW conversations. you will be warned and the conversation can be changed or removed by staff. please respect their decision.
^- nicknames, status', emotes, avatars also have to be SFW. if we notice something wrong you will be privately or publicly warned and potentially kicked until it is changed.
^- any severely explicit/sexual language or content can and will be removed and you will be warned/kicked/banned from the server.
^- explicit, sexual or offensive profile pictures will result in a removal/ban from the server unless changed.

- Do not spam or advertise other servers. SpiceTrade has partnerships for a reason.
^- if you wish to contact us for a partnership, please get in touch with Merlyn.
-**ANY** discussion or conversation about hacking, harmful modding, or exploiting within the server will be stopped / removed and you will be warned/kicked/banned.

-do not argue about any mod decisions, punishments, denied appeals or applications. they are all dealt with accordingly and very thoroughly with multiple staff members.
- any issues within the staff team are handled directly by Senior Staff.
^- if you truly believe a member of staff has abused their power or wronged you, you may contact a Senior Staff Member
^- please do not contact Senior Staff Members for useless reasons. if you do, you will be warned and potentially kicked.

**Moderators reserve the right to warn / mute/ kick accordingly if any of these rules are breached.**
if you have any suggestions or input, contact any moderator and it will be discussed.

On behalf of the SpiceTrade network, thank you for reading and following these rules.
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