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Announcements SMP Rework: What to expect?

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Dear Traders!
As you might know already, our staff have been diligently working on the SMP Overhaul, In this thread I'm going to discuss some things that are Added, Changed or Removed, I will also share a small roadmap on features you can expect after the release of the SMP 2.0

First of all, In order to make it easier for new players, SMP will be renamed to Survival, For compatibility reasons, all commands containing 'SMP' will still function!

Here are some of the additions to the great overhaul:
  • SMP -> Survival Rename
  • New Lobby
  • NPC's In lobby with various functions like:
    • GambleBar
    • Quests
    • Information
    • Auction
    • Warps
    • Shop
  • Crates & Crate keys
  • Claims
  • Clans
  • Nations
  • Live-Map
  • Pregenerated Custom World
  • Command Overhaul, Gui-dized most commands
  • Shop & New economy
  • Taxes
  • PvP Arena
  • Wars
  • and a lot more exciting (and secret :0) features!
To clear up some confusion about the most controversial points in our overhaul:

  • All cratekeys will be both earnable ingame and later buyable in the store, They will not contain any pay to win items, Items that will be included are:
    • Titles
    • Pets
    • Cosmetics
    • And much more!
  • The Live-Map will not show any players, coordinates or other important and confidential information
  • Claims, Clans & Nations are gui-dized and easy to learn
  • Wars have a mutual agreement

Small roadmap:
  • Dynamic Quest System
  • Ranks
  • Renting Houses / Claims
  • Renting Shops
  • Player made shops
  • and a lot more exciting features that will be shared along the way!
That was it!
If there are any other questions feel free to post them in the updates forum!

Kind Regards
Management SpiceTrade
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