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  1. Merlyn

    Announcements Beta Release: What is there?

    Hello Traders! Firstly, what you've been waiting to know, Our staff have been working hard to prepare the server for beta-release, and finally, SpiceTrade is ready for open beta on October 15th! 🎉 The game modes included in our release are as followed: Survival Creative Skyblock Prisons...
  2. Merlyn

    Closed SMP Armour shop is so scuffed

    It's 12.5K now
  3. Merlyn

    In Progress Suggestion☺

    Please reply with more details, for now it's under the in progress tag
  4. Merlyn

    In Progress server stuff

    First suggestion accepted Second suggestion denied (We don't want to split our staffteam yet) Top player rewards accepted We will let different selected staff members test our new upcoming gamemodes, sorta accepted Store accepted Thanks for your suggestions
  5. Merlyn

    Closed SMP Armour shop is so scuffed

    Thank you for your suggestion Its in progress
  6. Merlyn

    Closed even more suggestions

    3 is being worked on and so is 1
  7. Merlyn

    Closed even more suggestions

    I do not have a fix for 2, I'm sorry
  8. Merlyn

    Closed even more suggestions

    4 has been fixed
  9. Merlyn

    Closed suGEsTIons

    Sell chest is now in the shop
  10. Merlyn

    Closed More SuggestionS Who Da Funk It

    Thank you very much for your extensive suggestion! This is exactly how I want suggestions to be, Detailed & Thoughtful I will pin this suggestion for that exact reason Furthermore I will look into the shop, Redefine some items & add saplings, If you have any idea for pricing of saplings, Please...
  11. Merlyn

    Closed another suggestion? :O

    Will be included in the next update Thanks!
  12. Merlyn

    Closed Suggestions v2!?

    Thank you! Chunk hoppers are a planned feature We were still looking for good chunk plugins so we'll give this one a try Closed
  13. Merlyn

    Closed suGEsTIons

    Shop fixed sell chest is being worked on
  14. Merlyn

    Closed some suggstions

    If its a very small suggestion like Add this to the shop, You can pile them up and make a thread about it or message me in minecraft, if its very small ill fix it right away
  15. Merlyn

    Closed some suggstions

    1 2 3 accepted, 4 will not be accepted, Mainly because the more larger suggestions will end up there too and: Might look weird, but just explained it in a channel as well and copy paste was not working properly so thats why i took a screenshot instead
  16. Merlyn

    Closed suggestions

    Sand got added Netherrite is being discussed Crop hoppers is a planned feature Lure is accepted and will be fixed soon
  17. Merlyn

    Closed A suggestion regarding bug reports.

    I get where you're coming from, Though, I'm scared people will read bug-reports and abuse the bugs they find there
  18. Merlyn

    Closed Another suggestion

    Will look into this! I''ll update the thread with the in-progress tag as soon as I figured out how to do it
  19. Merlyn

    Announcements SMP Rework: What to expect?

    Dear Traders! As you might know already, our staff have been diligently working on the SMP Overhaul, In this thread I'm going to discuss some things that are Added, Changed or Removed, I will also share a small roadmap on features you can expect after the release of the SMP 2.0 First of all, In...
  20. Merlyn

    Closed SMP PvP