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  1. Merlyn

    Announcements Beta Release: What is there?

    Hello Traders! Firstly, what you've been waiting to know, Our staff have been working hard to prepare the server for beta-release, and finally, SpiceTrade is ready for open beta on October 15th! 🎉 The game modes included in our release are as followed: Survival Creative Skyblock Prisons...
  2. Merlyn

    Announcements SMP Rework: What to expect?

    Dear Traders! As you might know already, our staff have been diligently working on the SMP Overhaul, In this thread I'm going to discuss some things that are Added, Changed or Removed, I will also share a small roadmap on features you can expect after the release of the SMP 2.0 First of all, In...
  3. Merlyn

    Important Discord Rules:

    **SPICETRADE RULES** Our rules exist to help you and others safely enjoy their time here. *Please do not attempt to exploit them.* {Discords Guidelines and ToS} > Discord Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines > Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms **- BEHAVIOUR -**...
  4. Merlyn

    Important Forum Rules:

    Our rules exist to help you and others safely enjoy their time here. Please do not attempt to exploit them. General Rules {This is a Minecraft server forum, please be sure to remember that.} ^- keep in mind that your behavior and actions define us as a community; think before you act...